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Soil Tester

  • Soil NPK Fertility Tester

    The soil nutrient detection is referred to as the soil fertility meter, also known as the soil measuring instrument.

  • Portable Soil Tester

    The soil tester can quickly test N, P, K, organic matter, salinity and pH in soil, fertilizer and plants. The machine can store and print data. Complete chemical is available for the first time for free.

  • Rapitest Soil Fertility Meter

    The core of soil testing and formula fertilization technology is to regulate and solve the contradiction between crop fertilizer and soil fertilization.

  • NPK Soil Tester

    Microprocessor technology,digital circuit,programmed design,chip control,touch key,LCD display.

  • Soil Nutrient Analysis

    The soil nutrient analyzer is called a soil measuring instrument and is mainly used to measure and analyze soil nutrients. The soil nutrient analyzer is manufactured by NanBei.

  • Trace Elements in Soils

    It can detect available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, organic matter content, soil pH and soil salinity in soil, plant, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other samples.

  • Soil Analyzer for NPK

    The soil nutrient analyzer can test multiple samples at the same time. The large-screen LCD Chinese character backlight display guides the operation process;

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