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Pesticide Residue Tester

  • Portable Pesticide Residue Test

    Food safety issues have had a major impact on people's health and are receiving increasing attention.

  • Pesticide Residue Analysis Meter

    Pesticide residue meter: The food safety comprehensive speed measuring instrument is used to measure pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

  • Rapid Pesticide Residue Detector

    The food safety issues have a great impact on people's health, but also more and more people's attention.

  • Pesticide Residue Testing Kit

    The Portable pesticide residue tester is characterized by high degree of automation, high detection rate of detection items, low detection cost, high sensitivity, easy operation, accurate and reliable results.

  • Laboratory Pesticide Residue Tester

    The organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides are currently the most used pesticides, and more are prohibited from being used in fruits and vegetables.

  • Food Safety Testing Equipment

    The pesticide residue detector is also called vegetable pesticide residue detector, pesticide residue rapid detector, and microplate reader.

  • Heavy Metal Testing Pesticide Residue Tester

    The organophosphate and carbamate pesticide is currently the largest use of pesticides,and more is on the prohibition of the use in fruit,vegetable.

  • Pesticide Residue Rapid Tester

    Pesticides: rapid detection of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits and soil

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