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PCR Machine

  • Eppendorf Gradient PCR Machine

    The gradient PCR instrument is a gene amplification instrument with gradient PCR function derived from a common PCR instrument.

  • DNA PCR Machine

    Briefly, PCR uses DNA polymerase to perform in vitro synthesis of a large number of specific genes in vitro or in vitro.

  • Double Block Gradient PCR Machine

    In addition to the standard PCR instrument function, the Double block gradient pcr machine can simultaneously perform multiple PCR reactions with different annealing temperatures.

  • DNA Real Time PCR Machine

    Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR device consisting of a fluorescence quantification system and a computer to monitor the fluorescence of the cyclic process.

  • Four Channel Real Time PCR Machine

    NB988 is a effective PCR device for qualitative or quantitative detection of nucleic acids, gene typing, and mutation analysis.

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