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CS-10 Precision Colorimeter Is In Stock
Jan 18, 2019

CS-10 precision colorimeter is in stock!

CS-10 color difference meter product introduction:

1. obtained national measurement certification2

The instrument is equipped with Japanese sensors and US information processing chips. It ensures the accurate transmission of optical signals and the stability of electrical signals. It guarantees the accuracy and repeatability of the instrument. The display accuracy is 0.01, and the repeatability is △ Ë standard deviation value 0.1.

2. L * A * B, L * C * H, Yxy table and other multi-color spatial color value display;

As a general-purpose measuring instrument, the colorimeter has a built-in program for converting various color display indicators, so that the instrument can be directly applied to various color measurement fields without the need for color measurement personnel to manually convert measurement data, which greatly improves work efficiency. .


3.Ergonomic design:

       The waist of the instrument conforms to the curvature of the palm of the human body, which can carry out long-term inspection work, high-feeling leather design, increase friction and prevent finger slippage.


4.free color management software

Real-time display of pass or fail judgment, print test report, save batch color data, suitable for internal, external color evaluation and data management;

5. The L*a*b* value of the standard can be established by manual setting.

       Standard samples can be set manually to meet product color difference comparisons without physical samples.

6. large-capacity data storage;

       The instrument can store 10 sets of standard samples, and 100 sets of samples can be kept under each standard sample.

Advantage analysis of CS-10 color difference instrument:

     The CS-10 is an economic version of the colorimeter developed for high-volume use on the assembly line. It has all the basic functions required for measurement, and its high measurement accuracy also meets the needs of general color inspection.

CS-10 color difference instrument details:

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