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Laboratory Thermostat

  • Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator

    The new generation of HH.CP series carbon dioxide incubator is a high-performance carbon dioxide incubator produced by the company with advanced technology and materials. It has the characteristics of fast heating and precise temperature control.

  • Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator

    The carbon dioxide incubator simulates the growth environment of a similar cell/tissue in the living body by in the incubator.Such as stable temperature (37 ° C), stable CO 2 level (5%), constant pH (pH: 7.2-7.4), to higher relative saturation humidity (95%), for a device...

  • Biochemical Incubator

    Applicable to environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture, livestock, aquatic products and other scientific research, colleges and production departments.

  • Thermostatic Incubator

    For biological, colleges, agriculture, scientific research and other departments to carry out storage of bacteria, biological cultivation, scientific research necessary equipment.

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator

    The incubator is also known as a water-blocking electrothermal cell (mold) incubator for scientific research in the fields of medicine and health,

  • Light Incubator

    It is suitable for basic research and quality inspection in the fields of life sciences, agriculture and forestry research, tissue culture, plant growth, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Mildew Incubator

    Applicable to environmental protection, environmental sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agricultural and livestock, aquatic products and other research institutes, universities, production enterprises, etc.

  • Hot Air Sterilizer Oven

    The use of high temperature dry heat on protein denaturation, microbial oxidation, Dielectric condensation caused by poisoning.Which is mainly through the oxidation of the destruction of cell protoplasm, so that microbial death, so in a certain heating time can kill all...

  • Water Jacketed Incubator

    It is a necessary equipment for colleges, agriculture, biology, scientific research and other departments for biological cultivation, storage of strains, and scientific research.

  • Incubator Drying Oven

    ​The incubator/drying (dual use) box is widely used in colleges, universities, scientific research and production units, and has the characteristics of high quality, reliability and safety of products, and adopts air surface forced convection process.

  • Artificial Climate Incubator

    It is an ideal test equipment for the production and scientific research departments of biological genetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, and aquatic products.

  • Drug Stability Testing Chamber

    LHH series of drug stability test box using a balanced temperature control method, the use of imported fully enclosed industrial compressor, imported humidity sensor, import touch screen program controller (1-99),

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